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Have You Heard?

We are talking about Perpeta now...

Perpeta has been in stealth mode and as we get closer to launch, we want to share some information with you. 


From Baby Necessities Gift Baskets, to a technology recruiting site, to the Natural Insight service, Ishtot has helped develop products and companies that have endured the test of Internet time!

And with the announcement of Perpeta, Paul is back to using his technical background, combined with his AI certifications, to bring an innovative solution to HR professionals! 


Paul Carney is the founder of Ishtot and has been actively involved in all of its startups. Click the link below to learn more about Paul.

Move Your Æ

Paul is the author of the definitive book to guide people to Know, Grow, and Show their career value.


Paul Carney is the founder of Ishtot and

author of "Move Your Æ (ash)". 


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